The Tale of Oakland A’s Road Hats

I remember February of 1993, then A’s GM Sandy Alderson held a press conference unveiling a change in the team’s logo and uniforms with a slightly bolder green and gold color as well as a new more aggressive-looking elephant with crossed bats logo. The change also brought on the debut of a designated road game hat. The hat was an all dark green hat with the A’s logo in white.

However in the middle of that season I remember reading in the Sporting Green one morning that utility man Lance Blankenship and some other players expressed somewhat of a disdain for the current road hats and in doing so colored the white A’s logo with a yellow marker. As it turned out the next season in 1994, the road hats became all green but with the A’s logo in golden yellow. Not sure whether it was because of players and fans disliking the all green with the white logo or possibly to match the new green alternate jerseys that the team also began wearing that season.

That road hat would be the road hat for the next 19 seasons until this past fan fest when in unveiling a new green alternate jersey a new road hat was also unveiled presumably to match the new jerseys. The hat which is being used this upcoming season is similar to the 1993 version but with a white A’s logo outlined in golden yellow.

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