Jaguares – Miércoles de Ceniza”

Today being Ash Wednesday, today’s blog post is about a song called “Miercoles de Ceniza, or as translated in English “Ash Wednesday”. The song comes from Caifanes‘ 1992 album El Silencio. For me the song gained more significance much later when the group performed under the moniker jaguares throughout the 2000s. With the verses to the song having really high notes and by then a throat ailment limited vocalist Saúl Hernández’s vocal range, drummer Alfonso André was called upon to sing the high notes as the verses part of the song ran on tracks and didn’t yet include drums until later in the song.
Having seen Jaguares perform in Northern California yearly from 2001 till 2010, that was arguably the favorite part of the show for me and many other fans with the exception of 2008 and 2009 when the song wasn’t included on the show’s set list even when I personally asked Alfonso before one of the shows given the band was good as far as what fans wanted to hear. But luckily in 2010 we got to hear Alfonso sing it for one last time as Jaguares ended up going under with Caifanes coming back together the next year. Hopefully Jaguares comes back one day and we get to see Alfonso sing it for us again.

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