Indonesia Soccer



I’m not known to be any bit a fan of soccer with the small exception of the World Cup. Though I may not know much of the sport or the players involved, whenever there is international competition going on that’s when I like to tune and check the game action.
And With national pride in mind even though again I’m not a fan of the sport, ever since the last World Cup in 2010 I figured I wanted something to represent the nation of my origin.

Since that last World Cup in South Africa, I had been asking my nieces in Jakarta about obtaining the game jersey for Indonesia’s national team. I had seen advertising for the jersey on the regional Nike website and sent my nieces the link so that maybe they would be able to help investigate as to where the jersey could be found and bought. Well they tried around many places including the Nike shops around Jakarta and even through inside connections they could not find it.

Last June I traveled to Indonesia for my month-long  vacation with my parents and with another World Cup just around the corner I figired there had to be a chance I coild find the jersey and sure enough the first sports outlet at a Jakarta mall I went to actually had it. Those many years I was wanting that jersey and It never occurred to me that I’d get that jersey by going to Jakarta and getting it myself. And while out there I bought both the home red jersey and the visiting white jersey.

Well supposedly the team has never been anywhere close to good enough to make it into the tournament for whatever reasons.  Maybe the only way that will happen is if Indonesia gets to host a World Cup which I hope happens within my lifetime. Until then I’m just happy to finally have a piece of my roots to represent.

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