Casey Chavez Black Alternate


I picked up this jersey from the 2011 preseason tailgate which at the time took place of Fan Fest. Originally I was in search of an “Atléticos” game jersey from that Latin Heritage Day game the previous August but supposedly only one was made available and sold by the time I got in. So as I happen to be browsing I came across a home white Casey Chavez jersey. Casey ChAvez being the A’s bullpen catcher as well as the brother of one-time A’s star third baseman Eric Chavez.

Number 99 was the number Casey Chavez used and somehow that name and number on the back of the jersey caught my attention. As well I figured it would be great for throwing off some otherwise less knowledgeable A’s fans or other baseball followers for that matter.  As I got ready to check out, I checked Out the list of jerseys and prices I got coming and saw that a black alternate jersey was available. As the black jerseys basically became a throwback as the A’s were debuting the alternate gold jerseys at home that year, I really wanted to score a black jersey from that sale and so I inquired about that jersey and luckily enough they found it. For most of that season I rocked that jersey to most of the games I attended and soon after and ever since has been one of three black jerseys worn on Friday night games for Black Friday in the Right Field Bleachers.

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