Alberto Castillo collection


So my first A’s baseball related post to my blog is about my Alberto Castillo game jerseys.  Alberto Castillo was a journeyman catcher who had gone through the Yankees, Kansas City and San Francisco among many teams before passing through Oakland late in 2005. He didn’t join the big league club until late September with roster expansion and only played in one game hence the jerseys barely showed the typical wear and tear of a catcher’s uniform. 

It was at FanFest that following February that I bought the first of the three jerseys which was the home white one and actually my first A’s home white jersey. When deciding on a jersey the name and number ia what tends to catch my attention which in this case number 22. When I went to the first ever World Baseball Claasic semifinals in San Diego the next month, Castillo was the starting catcher for his native Dominican Republic and luckily enough I rocked that jersey I had to that game. As I only attended two A’s games that season that jersey was my outfit for those games. 

The next year’s Fan Fest even before going in, I had in mind to complete the set and sure enough I managed to score the road grey and alternate green jerseys. The intersting part was as I would go around wearing them folks approaching me from the front thought it was either Eric Byrnes jersey since he wore number 22 before Castillo or they thought it was a Milton Bradley (who wore number 22 after) one.

It was with those jerseys that I started my collection. Of course at that time I had absoultely no clue my fellow bleacher friend Will MacNeill was also starting a collection of his own and just as folks know him for his JJ Furmaniak collection little by little folks knew me by my Castillo collection.  

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