Series de Ficción by Leonardo de Lozanne


My first actual article in my blog begins with a rather obscure album that just recently I dug out and listened to for the first in quite some time. The album Series de Ficción (Fiction Series) was Leonardo de Lozanne’s somewhat anticipated debut solo album which was released in June of 1999 in Mexico. At the time de Lozanne was nearly two years separated from the breakup of Fobia, the famed rock en español band that he had been frontman for for ten years. Supposedly de Lozanne’s aspirations to go solo brought about the separation of Fobia and I would guess in part since de Lozanne was strictly the band’s vocalist as their guitarist Paco Huidobro wrote Fobia’s material.

I first got to hear the album at the hotel room of a friend while visiting in Southern California that August. The album at the time was released only in Mexico and eventually made its way to stores in the U.S. in September. Having listened, it was definitely distinct from Fobia’s music which was more conventional rock. The sound seemed more easy, slow rock with the exception of the album’s title track which I would say sounds as close to de Lozanne’s Fobia roots as it can get. “Complices” (Accomplices) was the track from the album that was released as de Lozanne’s solo debut single and played over radio stations catering to the Latin Rock audience in areas such as Los Angeles and Mexico City.  

Unfortunately the album, as well as de Lozanne as a soloist suppose didn’t get all too far especially after a sophomore release in 2002 entitled Turistas (Tourists) which I myself have never heard. In 2004 Fobia got back together and have done three albums since.  So essentially this album, or for that matter any of de Lozanne’s solo material, is all but faded into obscurity over time with Fobia active. 

At the time of writing this, I hadn’t heard the album in at least ten years and most definitely hearing it brought back a lot of memories from summer and fall of 1999 when the album came out and was still fresh. While many think of albums that the whole world hears about or makes headlines this is one of those totally random ones that stand out in my mind. 

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