Indonesia Soccer



I’m not known to be any bit a fan of soccer with the small exception of the World Cup. Though I may not know much of the sport or the players involved, whenever there is international competition going on that’s when I like to tune and check the game action.
And With national pride in mind even though again I’m not a fan of the sport, ever since the last World Cup in 2010 I figured I wanted something to represent the nation of my origin.

Since that last World Cup in South Africa, I had been asking my nieces in Jakarta about obtaining the game jersey for Indonesia’s national team. I had seen advertising for the jersey on the regional Nike website and sent my nieces the link so that maybe they would be able to help investigate as to where the jersey could be found and bought. Well they tried around many places including the Nike shops around Jakarta and even through inside connections they could not find it.

Last June I traveled to Indonesia for my month-long  vacation with my parents and with another World Cup just around the corner I figired there had to be a chance I coild find the jersey and sure enough the first sports outlet at a Jakarta mall I went to actually had it. Those many years I was wanting that jersey and It never occurred to me that I’d get that jersey by going to Jakarta and getting it myself. And while out there I bought both the home red jersey and the visiting white jersey.

Well supposedly the team has never been anywhere close to good enough to make it into the tournament for whatever reasons.  Maybe the only way that will happen is if Indonesia gets to host a World Cup which I hope happens within my lifetime. Until then I’m just happy to finally have a piece of my roots to represent.

Ryan Sweeney 1970’s Throwback


Besides that black Casey Chavez jersey I also picked up this throwback from that pre-season tailgate. I happened to see some other throwback jerseys in the pile but somehow didn’t catch one of Interest until I came across this one.

The jersey was worn by Ryan Sweeney as part of a “turn back the clock” game in Tampa Bay in early 2010. That season Sweeney wore number 21 as he voluntarily gave his previous number 15 to veteran starting pitcher ben sheets who had signed with Oakland for that season. And as number 21 being one of my favorite numbers upon coming across that jersey in the pile I wasted no time getting it and adding to my collection.

Casey Chavez Black Alternate


I picked up this jersey from the 2011 preseason tailgate which at the time took place of Fan Fest. Originally I was in search of an “Atléticos” game jersey from that Latin Heritage Day game the previous August but supposedly only one was made available and sold by the time I got in. So as I happen to be browsing I came across a home white Casey Chavez jersey. Casey ChAvez being the A’s bullpen catcher as well as the brother of one-time A’s star third baseman Eric Chavez.

Number 99 was the number Casey Chavez used and somehow that name and number on the back of the jersey caught my attention. As well I figured it would be great for throwing off some otherwise less knowledgeable A’s fans or other baseball followers for that matter.  As I got ready to check out, I checked Out the list of jerseys and prices I got coming and saw that a black alternate jersey was available. As the black jerseys basically became a throwback as the A’s were debuting the alternate gold jerseys at home that year, I really wanted to score a black jersey from that sale and so I inquired about that jersey and luckily enough they found it. For most of that season I rocked that jersey to most of the games I attended and soon after and ever since has been one of three black jerseys worn on Friday night games for Black Friday in the Right Field Bleachers.

Alberto Castillo collection


So my first A’s baseball related post to my blog is about my Alberto Castillo game jerseys.  Alberto Castillo was a journeyman catcher who had gone through the Yankees, Kansas City and San Francisco among many teams before passing through Oakland late in 2005. He didn’t join the big league club until late September with roster expansion and only played in one game hence the jerseys barely showed the typical wear and tear of a catcher’s uniform. 

It was at FanFest that following February that I bought the first of the three jerseys which was the home white one and actually my first A’s home white jersey. When deciding on a jersey the name and number ia what tends to catch my attention which in this case number 22. When I went to the first ever World Baseball Claasic semifinals in San Diego the next month, Castillo was the starting catcher for his native Dominican Republic and luckily enough I rocked that jersey I had to that game. As I only attended two A’s games that season that jersey was my outfit for those games. 

The next year’s Fan Fest even before going in, I had in mind to complete the set and sure enough I managed to score the road grey and alternate green jerseys. The intersting part was as I would go around wearing them folks approaching me from the front thought it was either Eric Byrnes jersey since he wore number 22 before Castillo or they thought it was a Milton Bradley (who wore number 22 after) one.

It was with those jerseys that I started my collection. Of course at that time I had absoultely no clue my fellow bleacher friend Will MacNeill was also starting a collection of his own and just as folks know him for his JJ Furmaniak collection little by little folks knew me by my Castillo collection.  

Series de Ficción by Leonardo de Lozanne


My first actual article in my blog begins with a rather obscure album that just recently I dug out and listened to for the first in quite some time. The album Series de Ficción (Fiction Series) was Leonardo de Lozanne’s somewhat anticipated debut solo album which was released in June of 1999 in Mexico. At the time de Lozanne was nearly two years separated from the breakup of Fobia, the famed rock en español band that he had been frontman for for ten years. Supposedly de Lozanne’s aspirations to go solo brought about the separation of Fobia and I would guess in part since de Lozanne was strictly the band’s vocalist as their guitarist Paco Huidobro wrote Fobia’s material.

I first got to hear the album at the hotel room of a friend while visiting in Southern California that August. The album at the time was released only in Mexico and eventually made its way to stores in the U.S. in September. Having listened, it was definitely distinct from Fobia’s music which was more conventional rock. The sound seemed more easy, slow rock with the exception of the album’s title track which I would say sounds as close to de Lozanne’s Fobia roots as it can get. “Complices” (Accomplices) was the track from the album that was released as de Lozanne’s solo debut single and played over radio stations catering to the Latin Rock audience in areas such as Los Angeles and Mexico City.  

Unfortunately the album, as well as de Lozanne as a soloist suppose didn’t get all too far especially after a sophomore release in 2002 entitled Turistas (Tourists) which I myself have never heard. In 2004 Fobia got back together and have done three albums since.  So essentially this album, or for that matter any of de Lozanne’s solo material, is all but faded into obscurity over time with Fobia active. 

At the time of writing this, I hadn’t heard the album in at least ten years and most definitely hearing it brought back a lot of memories from summer and fall of 1999 when the album came out and was still fresh. While many think of albums that the whole world hears about or makes headlines this is one of those totally random ones that stand out in my mind.